Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Blog Hop

The following questions are answered for the "Blog Hop" Bead Peeps. I finally joined my first blog hop and am looking forward to it.

1. Why or how did you get started making jewelry?
2. What style(s) of jewelry do you like to make?
3. What materials do you prefer to use (and which ones do you avoid)?
4. What techniques do you prefer (and are there any you don't like)?
5. What colors do you use most, and which do you run screaming from?

1)Why or how I got started making jewelry? I started mainly because I needed a hobby to keep myself pre-occupied after retirement. I worked in nursing and had a heart attack so retirement came early for me.

2) What styles do I like to make? I have tried many styles from wire work to polymer clay to stringing, to metal stamping and now bead weaving. It was a natural progression for me.  I enjoy bead weaving the most because I have the strength to do it and I enjoy learning all the different stitches.

3)I use primarily seed beads, super duos, crystals, gemstones, czech beads, clay beads, and ceramic beads and metals. I would avoid leather cording or string cording.

4)I do many different stitches in bead weaving and I do make earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I do no make rings.

5)I like a variety of colors. I enjoy learning the latest fashion colors and incorporating them into my work. So right now I am finishing up the winter colors and am now going into Pantones color of the year plus Spring 2015s color such as pinks, mint green, pale blues, light greys etc. I do not dislike colors except grass green.

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