Wednesday, 28 January 2015

February Ideas

Well it is Wednesday already and the end of January. Spring is coming and I cannot wait! I like the rain because you do not have to shovel it. :)

I have been thinking of February and what will I stitch? What do I want to learn more about this month? What colors do I want to play with?

I'm pretty sure for part of the month I will be working on Valentine Tuts and possibly the brick stitch.

I'm going to concentrate on the herringbone stitch as I want to learn all that I can on this stitch. Not only do I find it a pretty stitch but I know there is quite a bit I can learn about it. I know the basics and I have worked advanced in this stitch. Now to spread my wings.

Color tends to be obvious this month. Reds and pinks but as I said a bit before I'm going to be working with a new color called "Strawberry Ice".

Here are a few links on herringbone if your interested in working along with me.

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